Public Transportation

From the Airport to the City Center & Conference Venue

Bus 2 (Airport/Walserfeld <–> Hauptbahnhof)
Change Buses at “Hauptbahnhof” (Central Station)


From the Central Station to the City Center & Conference Venue

Platform 2:

  • Bus 3 (Salzburg Süd)
  • Bus 5 (Birkensiedlung),
  • Bus 6 (Parsch)

Platform 1:

  • Bus 25 (Untersbergbahn)

Stop City Center: “Rathaus”
Stop Conference Venue: “Justizgebäude”

Information on public transportation:


Bus stops are located in front of the airport and central station main entrances. You can buy tickets at vending machines, “Trafik” shops, or directly from the bus driver.

Prices are in Euro (€):

On the Bus Vending machine Trafik shop
single ticket (Einzelfahrt) 2,70  
1 hour ticket 2,00
24 hour ticket 6,00 4,00 4,00
5x single ticket 5x 1,90
5x single ticket, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. 5x 1,60
7-day ticket 16,40


Public transportation is free if you have a Salzburg Card.